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Wonderware System Platform 2017 is coming and things will never be the same! We’ve developed an entirely new interface – evolving from Human Machine Interface to Operational Interface. This is not an enhancement but a new technology that will again set the bar for what plant floor systems should be. Join Wonderware North at any of our 2017 Expo Events to discover how Wonderware is changing the game… again!

Wonderware System Platform 2017

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The 2017 Wonderware North Expo & Technical Conference is a FREE event!

– – Event Time: 8:00am to 3:30pm – – Breakfast and Lunch provided! – –

Select your location & register below or call 877-900-4996 to reserve your spot!



At each regional event, we’ll be raffling off 10 Google Home Systems and 2 Bose SoundLink Mini II systems plus other great prizes! All expo attendees are eligible to win!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA

8:00am – 3:30pm

Pittsburgh Marriott North
100 Cranberry Woods Drive
Cranberry Township PA, 16066
Google Map & Directions


Tuesday, May 16, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

8:00am – 3:30pm

Sheraton Valley Forge
480 North Gulph Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406
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Thursday, May 18, 2017
Boston, MA

8:00am – 3:30pm

Doubletree by Hilton
5400 Computer Drive
Westborough, MA 01581
Google Map & Directions


Thursday, May 25, 2017
Chicago, IL

8:00am – 3:30pm

Marriott Chicago O’Hare
8535 W. Higgins Road
Chicago, IL 60631
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Wonderware North

Wonderware System Platform 2017 is coming and things will never be the same! We’ve developed an entirely new interface – evolving from Human Machine Interface to Operational Interface. This is not an enhancement but a new technology that will again set the bar for what plant floor systems should be. Join Wonderware North at any of our 2017 Expo Events to discover how Wonderware is changing the game… again!

Wonderware North

General Session

Wonderware System Platform
Join us to see and hear Steve Weinrich – Staff Program Manager for the new System Platform 2017 release provide an overview of one of the most significant Wonderware software releases in the past decade. Wonderware System Platform 2017 is coming and things will never be the same! We’ve developed an entirely new interface called InTouch OMI – evolving from Human Machine Interface to Operational Interface. This is not an enhancement but a new technology that will again set the bar for what plant floor systems should be.

Steve Weinrich, Staff Program Manager:
Steve started his 26+ year career in Industrial Software and Controls working as a Field Technician with Allen Bradley (which later became Rockwell Automation), until moving to Wonderware in 1993 as a Technical Support Engineer for the 300+ IO Servers the company offered at that time. After moving over to the dark side (aka: Software Development), he helped create several TCP/IP-based DA Servers (including ABTCP) and later became heavily involved in InBatch, InTrack, and MES. In 2012 Steve took on a new role as the Program Manager for InTouch, DA Servers, and the ASB, where he was able to help get both WSP 2014 and WSP 2014 R2 completed and out the door. Two years ago Steve became the Program Manager for what is now known as Wonderware System Platform 2017. In this role Steve would oversee one of Wonderware’s largest software releases and would help usher in the introduction of a revolutionary new Operational Interfaced Client call InTouch OMI.


Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1:

Wonderware System Platform
On April 1st, 2017 Wonderware will release the world’s most evolutionary product and you can be the first to see it live! Wonderware System Platform 2017 embodies the newest technologies while migrating decades and thousands of hours of legacy engineering forward. Come to this session and see for yourself how Wonderware transforms Human Machine Interface into a complete Operational Interface. Got Apps? We do! Got the latest generation touch interface? We do! Got automatic navigation? We do! Got the most powerful Wizards in the industry? We do! Evolve! The future of Wonderware is here!


Breakout Session 2:

Wonderware MES
Are you solving the Business-to-Manufacturing problems your company faces? Are you done with your IT / OT Convergence yet? Or, are you still trying to get your product quality data integrated with your process history? Or maybe you’re still trying to tie your production data back to an ERP order so your scheduling people can do a better job of scheduling. Whatever your headache, come see us to learn about the Level 3 monster in your company and how to tame it.


Breakout Session 3:

Citect SCADA
Discover the new features in Citect SCADA 2016. Citect SCADA 2016 delivers a host of intuitive functionality enhancements and innovations that streamline and reimagine the engineering experience. With an entirely new Integrated Development Environment several new usability features and integration into the Wonderware Historian, Citect 2016 is a must see for any users of the Citect SCADA.

Wonderware North

Expo Sessions

Expo Session 1: Recipe Manager Plus

Wonderware Recipe Manager
Wonderware Recipe Manager is a web based software application for recipe formula management and product changeover. Designed for use on automated production equipment and machines in manufacturing, it has rich formula management functionality, deep governance (role-based security, automatic formula versioning, approval and change propagation) offering fast time to value and compliance to growing regulatory requirements.

Expo Session 2: Wonderware Online for Industrial IoT

Wonderware Online
Wonderware Online, Wonderware Historian and Wonderware Historian InSight continue to evolve with more and more capability. With full support for the Industrial Internet of Things and the ability to push data from any device – the capabilities for data collection and visualization just keep getting better and easier. Learn about the latest enhancements for Wonderware Online/Insight including support for Wonderware Alarms and Events as well as significant new charting and visualization enhancements including Pan & Zoom, Stacked Charts, Limit Lines, Interactive Legends and more.

Expo Session 3: InTouch Machine Edition with System Platform and Wonderware Historian

Wonderware InTouch Machine Edition
InTouch Machine Edition (ITME) is the most comprehensive and powerful machine centric HMI on the market. With significantly more features than traditional “panelview” style HMI products ITME is also easily integrated into the broader set of Wonderware Supervisory offerings. In this expo session learn about the Seamless Integration to the Wonderware System Platform enabling users to create, edit, manage and deploy machine centric HMIs from within your System Platform IDE. Also learn about the ability to share information between ITME and System Platform (including integrated alarming) as well as the integration of ITME to the Wonderware Historian. Can your machine Centric HMI do that?

Expo Session 4: Wonderware connectivity from PLCs to the IoT

Wonderware Device Integration & Connectivity
As a leader in device connectivity for decades, Wonderware is trailblazing connectivity solutions from PLC integration to IoT applications. Whether you’re looking to automatically import and leverage PLC data structures in System Platform, connect to other internet-accessible IoT devices and services or move to cloud reporting with nothing “under your roof” but a Wonderware access point – join us for this session to learn about Wonderware Connectivity.

Wonderware North

Expo Booths

Our expo area will be loaded with our technology partners showcasing their latest offerings. Talk to experts across a wide range of technologies and see solutions in action.


Schneider Electric Power Management
Schneider Electric Power Management Solutions – Wonderware has teamed up with Schneider Electric’s Power Monitoring and Control group to provide a world-class Plant Energy Performance solution that will change the way manufacturing and industrial companies think of energy management and production reliability. If you are interested in managing power quality, availability, and reliability or Optimizing the use of your electrical and infrastructure assets or driving energy efficiency initiatives to improve financial performance, come learn from the World leader in Power Management – and see how to bring detailed power information into your Wonderware applications.


Wonderware Prometheus
Wonderware Prometheus – Prometheus is the industry’s first universal configuration solution that defines, programs and documents your control code into all your control systems from the HMI to your PLCs and I/O. Your control code is developed inside Prometheus, independent of the target device, but is compiled by the vendor’s original software to ensure compliance and validation, and also to download to the target device. This approach gives you the best of all worlds: device-agnostic development and management and standards compliance, while leveraging the unique features of every platform in your operation and using the vendor’s own tools to ensure compatibility. Come learn about the world’s first universal programming tool for PLC and HMI.


Aquis & Termis
Water Network Optimization (Aquis) & Heating/Cooling Network Optimization (Termis) – One of the biggest challenges in distribution networks is the lack of instrumentation and data – which forces operators to manage this infrastructure in a reactive way. Aquis (for water networks) and Termis (for heating and cooling networks) is the first real-time tool that extends your SCADA functionality to allow operations get a view of the full network even in assets and areas without instrumentation and to predict, in real time, the impact in the levels of service of planned (i.e. pipe repair) and unplanned (i.e. booster station malfunction) events.


Dream Report
Dream Report – Dream Report is a powerful and easy to use reporting and dashboarding tool for people who are not experts in SQL programming. With Wizard driven report creation and connectivity to Wonderware data sources, 3rd party data sources and more, Dream Report is the perfect solution for those wanting an easy environment to create powerful and rich reports. Not a Dream Report user? – see why so many of our Wonderware customers have adopted this as their primary reporting technology. Already a user? – Understand the powerful new features unleashed in the latest release, including Dream Report’s new Wonderware Historian Online driver.


Longwatch by Industrial Video & Control
Longwatch – Maintaining a thorough understanding of your overall process, equipment function, and operator efficiency can be a daunting task. Longwatch integrates visual information into your existing process control and automation systems, streamlining root cause analysis, downtime reduction, and the preservation of operational knowledge. Learn more about complete industrial video solutions, integration into SCADA & MES, and how customers in a variety of industries (manufacturing, food & beverage, metals, oil & gas, water & wastewater, etc.) are using visual data to improve their operations.


Maintenance and Reliability – Asset Management (Avantis), Worker Rounds (IntelaTrac), Condition Monitoring (Avantis CM) and Predictive Analytics (Prism) are all part of the comprehensive maintenance and reliability capabilities available through Schneider Software.


Stratus – The Enterprise Strategy Group recently released a white paper detailing how the combination of VMWare and Stratus is a 1 + 1 = 3 scenario when it comes to increasing the availability and ease of maintenance for virtualized systems. This is also the exact reason why leveraging Stratus Servers for virtualized applications in the manufacturing environment should be strongly considered. Issues such as system performance, expected lifecycle, network and bandwidth considerations, long-term cost of ownership, supportability, availability and reliability must be considered when deploying virtualized solutions to the plant floor. Additionally, plants often lack local resources with deep knowledge of virtualized environments and require a hardware platform that is easy to use/maintain and that never fails. Learn how Stratus makes the installation and maintenance of your VMWare and Hyper-V installations simple, easy and bullet proof.


WIN-911 Software
Win911 – Get Real-Time Instant Access to InTouch Alarms on your phone using the new InTouch Direct Connect which includes voice calls, SMS, and the latest WIN-911 Mobile smart phone application for iOS and Android available in the latest release of Win-911 Software. Talk to the experts to understand the latest enhancements in their newest release and see how they can be leveraged in your operation.

Wonderware Industrial Computers
Wonderware Industrial Computers – Run your Wonderware Software on the best hardware platform available – traditional panel pc computers, box computers and machine friendly compact terminals (starting from 7″ versions) that blow the doors off of traditional proprietary “panelview” style terminals. Stop by and see the latest hardware offerings from Wonderware. If you are trying to find the perfect hardware platform for your Wonderware software – perhaps try the hardware officially certified by Wonderware. And don’t miss a sneak-peek at our new Class 1 Div 2 fully-enclosed units as well!

Wonderware North

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