Achieving Actual Success with Manufacturing Operations (MES)


To-date, most companies have implemented ERP and are now ready for the next step to meet this year’s overall business goals — via a Manufacturing Operations platform (often dubbed “MES”).

Many companies have accumulated dozens of custom “MES” solutions that are difficult to maintain/evolve. They face the same challenge to meet business goals/targets, perhaps even greater than those without an MES.


At Wonderware North, we’re engaged in dozens of active MES deployments across a variety of industries at any given time. In all cases, our customers are looking to solve common problems in their manufacturing environments.

  • Reduce Cost (Scrap)
  • Manage Recipes
  • Improve Quality
  • Better integrate ERP to the plant floor
  • Reduce production bottlenecks
  • Calculate Total Line OEE instead of “OEE”
  • Gain Traceability


Or you may be facing challenges like:

  • More custom systems than you have manufacturing lines
  • Throwing technology at business problems
  • Someone setting off the fire alarm when they hear the word “MES”
  • Duplicate information, or gaps in info
  • Inability to integrate to plant systems and supply chain systems
  • Having true ownership of your own systems
  • Or worrying when Hal is going to retire and along with it the ability to edit your “MES”

Properly implemented (combining real business needs into a true functional scope) and with capable software underneath has been the Wonderware North answer. (And we can call it “Manufacturing Operations” to avoid the false fire alarms!)

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