The Wonderware Historian is leveraged by literally tens of thousands of Manufacturing and Industrial Customers as their data collection engine for collecting critical process information that provides key visibility into their operations. With the widest range of connectivity available, the Wonderware Historian is used across a variety of industries allowing users to store data at the resolution of their Process and retrieve data at the resolution of the Problem they are trying to solve. Today, the Wonderware Historian is a world class Enterprise Data Collection Platform that can span numerous plants across numerous locations; providing views into the information needed to make business improvements and solve critical problems. With a wide range of scalability and deployment options, all types of users can leverage this tool to quickly and easily solve their information, reporting and analysis needs.

Did you know:

  • A single instance of the Wonderware Historian can scale from 100 Tags to 2 Million Tags – offering the widest range of scalability in an Enterprise Data Collection Platform.
  • The Wonderware Historian Provides Tier 1 and Tier 2 Capability such that plant level Historians can push aggregated data to Corporate Level Historians for Enterprise-Wide Visibility and Analysis.
  • The Wonderware Historian can have multiple data collection engines feeding multiple historians simultaneously to ensure data integrity.
  • That with all of this capability, The Wonderware Historian still looks like Microsoft SQL Server to the outside World – so any SQL compliant client tools can be used to extract and analyze data quickly and easily.
  • That you don’t have to be a scientist to reap the benefits of Wonderware Historian – Anyone with permissions can easily access and use the needed data at any time so you don’t have to rely on others to get you the information you need.
  • The Wonderware Historian is far more cost effective than any other comparable enterprise solution on the market – and we have shown that time and time again.

Wonderware Historian Server
And if that was not enough, Invensys has now partnered with Microsoft, to offer a new Online Edition of the Wonderware Historian service using the Windows Azure Cloud Services environment. Wonderware Historian Online Edition allows corporate entities to leverage our Tier 2 capability with lower infrastructure and support costs. Plant level data from any location is pushed securely to the cloud-based system which in turn is hosted in a Secure Microsoft Data Center. Wonderware Historian Online Edition allows users to reap the benefits of a World Class Historian while also removing most of the daily administration costs of running an enterprise historian since Wonderware engineers monitor and maintain the Historian software for you.

Ease of use. Huge Scalability. Data Integrity. Open and Accessible. Superior Value and a flexibility of deployment.

Are you leveraging the most prevalent, powerful and scalable Historian on the Market? If not, let us show you the Wonderware Historian. Requiring only a half day setup, you can be on your way to gaining real insight into the detailed workings of your plant.

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