game-changerThis year’s Schneider Electric Software Global Customer Conference saw hundreds of customers join Schneider Electric in Orlando Florida where they learned about several new product releases from Wonderware, as well as the new Vision of Wonderware by Schneider Electric. As part of the celebration, the Schneider Electric 2014 Open contest was closed out and the winners from around the Globe were announced. Campbell Soup Company and Carpenter Technology – Two of Wonderware North’s 2014 MES success stories – walked away with key awards.

Carpenter Technology wins the Production Information Management Excellence Category:

Carpenter Technology Corporation, winner of the Production Information Management Excellence category, won by creating a complete MES solution based on Wonderware MES Performance, System Platform, and Historian software at its new greenfield Metal Processing Facility. Key features of the solution are its world-class part genealogy, detailed operations data, data collection, and operations management techniques applied through the use of Wonderware products.

Even though the scope, complexity, and MES functionality required by this facility was well over 10 times that of any other MES system in Carpenter, the system was completed in less than half the time of any other corporate MES initiative due to the power and flexibility of Wonderware software products and the help from Wonderware qualified deployment resources. Carpenter’s new facility was designed to deliver personnel flexibility, high product quality, on-time delivery and increased productivity and they needed a system that could help them deliver on this promise. Wonderware’s MES software allowed Carpenter to provide a standard and common interface across all equipment and is providing more information than they have ever had at other facilities – allowing them to drive increased performance to hit their critical customer goals.

Now that the system is up and running, customers that have toured the facility have quickly identified the value and significance of the application and have commented on the level of control applied through the use of the Wonderware products. Wonderware tools have also been used to quickly adapt to two specific customer requirements that were easily implemented through the use of the Wonderware platform.

Congratulations to Carpenter Technology for winning the 2014 Production Information Management Excellence Award from Schneider Electric.

Watch Allan Vath of Carpenter Technology talk about their solution:

Campbell Soup wins the Operational Excellence Category:

Campbell Soup’s Cornerstone initiative is a corporate wide strategy to create a framework for a global manufacturing information program. The beginning of this initiative focused on the collection of key quality attributes and line processing information and the use of SPC to assist plant operators on when to adjust production lines. Using the Wonderware System Platform, ArchestrA Workflow, and the Wonderware Quality Module, Campbell Soup leveraged a Wonderware platform to interface with SAP process orders along with an existing Micro Strategy reporting system to begin collecting data. To date the system has collected of over 600,000 data points in 3 months.

The Wonderware Application was designed to allow quicker collaboration between R&D and plant manufacturing sites and early indications show significant improvement in providing valid statistical data to assist in product development. Time to deliver critical information has been reduced from 3 to 4 days to hours after a plant trial is completed.

The application was designed to enable use of SPC techniques on the shop floor in real-time as well as to provide data for Continuous Improvement activities. Leveraging the Wonderware Quality Module, operators are provided with out of spec and out of control alarms and are prompted to collect key quality attribute data on a specified frequency. The system provides SPC results to plant floor terminals in seconds and all collected data for each production run and each material produced is provided instantly and in summary reports. Over 600,000 collected data points are currently available within minutes for Campbell Soup Continuous Improvement initiatives.

Congratulations to Campbell Soup for winning the 2014 Operational Excellence Award from Schneider Electric.

Watch Pat Folan of Campbell Soup Company talk about their solution:

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