Wonderware Certified Training ProviderOne of the most important services Wonderware North provides our customer base across our region are certified training courses for our core product offerings. With a team of 10 Wonderware Certified Trainers, Wonderware North training offers a hands-on, in-depth product session filled with information on best practices from engineers with over 100 combined years of experience with the Wonderware family of products. Last year, our team provided training for over 500 students across 13 states.

Customers participating in our certified training courses will be able to work with live Wonderware products through courses and labs conducted by our Certified Wonderware Training Instructors. Each student achieves a comprehensive understanding of the procedures and methodologies required to program and manage their own Wonderware software installations utilizing best practices developed by Wonderware and Wonderware North application engineers. Additionally, at the end of each course, students are given a complete training guide (including labs) along with the actual training project that they completed for use as a reference when they return to their own organizations. See below for the current course schedule. Customers following @WonderwareNorth on Twitter will receive timely notifications of additions to our training course schedule. For detailed course information and registration, please visit our training resources page or review all currently scheduled courses in calendar-based view via the Wonderware North Calendar.

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