Customer First 2012 Support Packs Ready

The Invensys Wonderware Customer FIRST Support Pack 2012 is hot off the presses and in the process of being shipped to all of our Customer First Contract Holders. There have been many new releases and significant product updates this year to take advantage of so please take a look at the new media you will be receiving for all of the latest updates.

DVD Format

The support materials in this shipment will be delivered on seven (7) single DVDs, which are a combination of product DVDs and library DVDs (compilations of released products, patches and service packs). Product DVDs are provided on the latest or largest releases for your convenience. The library DVDs will provide a CUMULATIVE repository of PRODUCT DISC IMAGES, PATCHES and SERVICE PACKS. This format provides tremendous convenience for both customers and integrators, and eliminates the need for customers to store collections of aging product media. The format also allows for more convenient and economical packaging and this shipment will arrive in a “DVD Style” case with Invensys Customer FIRST branding.

The library DVDs, although cumulative, will include only LATEST available versions of patches and Service Packs e.g. InTouch 10.0 with SP2, NO earlier InTouch 10.0 versions, no patches etc.

Images of FULL PRODUCT DISCS will be included as industry standard ISO Images as exact bit-for-bit archives of the original product media. From these .ISO images, it will be easy to create exact duplicates of the original product media as needed, or “mount” the images using virtual drive tools. The discs have a simple web-based introduction with additional information for users regarding .ISO images and how to use them.

Library DVD’s (ISO images):

  • InBatch 9.5 SP1
  • Intelligence 2012 SP1 (v1.5)
  • Wonderware MES 4.0 SP2
  • ArchestrA Workflow 2012 SP1
  • InBatch 2012

Wonderware North Customer First

Actual Product DVDs/CDs

(for your convenient installation and use)
InTouch 2012 R2 provides broader support for important, new security technologies.

  • ArchestrA System Platform 2012 Install DVD
  • Wonderware MES Quality 2012 Install DVD
  • Ocean Data Systems Dream Report 4.5*
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1

*Included in this Customer FIRST shipment is Ocean Data Systems’ Dream Report 4.5 product. Dream Report 4.5, the next step in the evolution of Wonderware HMI Reports (and Quick Reports) is an easy-to-use reporting solution enabling users to create reports from a variety of data sources. For more information on Dream Report 4.5 and Ocean Data Systems, click here. As a reminder, AutoSave for System Platform 2.0 was released on 7/02/2012. Learn more about AutoSave at

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