Install Historian InSight in 10 minutes and access the world of Historian 2017

Wonderware Historian InSight installs in 10 minutes and provides users with a super simple web interface to all of their historical data. Acting like a Google™ search engine for your Historian, InSight allows any user to simply type in a search string and get instant access to data that is automatically rendered for them in easy to use data widgets. Save layouts to come back to or share them with others as a new KPI screen. It’s truly that simple. Combine InSight with the new Historian 2017 to get even more power! Historian 2017 is filled with new features and enhancements that make saving vast amounts of process data and retrieving that same data fast and easy.

In this free webinar, we’ll demonstrate how easy it is to install and use Historian InSight and then talk about the many enhancements to Historian 2017 including:

The Power of Historian InSight:

• Gain Increased accessibility to your data with InSight
• Build a richer dashboard experience quickly and easily
• Leverage Enhanced line charts (pan and zoom, ability to plot discrete tags, alternate value axis scaling)
• The new support for Meter ‘counter’ tags
• and more…

What’s New in Historian 2017

• Out of the Box improved Trend Performance
• Amazing long-term retrieval performance (1-year trend in under 1-second)
• Increased Cyber-Security Hardening and IT Compliance for today’s environments
• The use of named SQL Server instances
• The easy ability to consolidate data Across Multiple Sites
• Quickly and easily replicate alarm & event history to on-premises tier-2 servers or Wonderware Online InSight
• and more…

To learn more about Historian InSight and the new Historian 2017 enhancements and how these new features and capabilities can help you BUILD IT BETTER, please join us for this webinar.

Topic: Install Historian InSight in 10 minutes and access the world of Historian 2017
Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm EST
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