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What’s New in InTouch 2017

InTouch 2017 has been released and is packed with new features to increase performance and ease of use in a product that set the industry standard for those metrics.

During our free webinar we’ll discuss core enhancements to InTouch 2017 that drive significant increases in usability, performance and make the ultimate user experience second to none:

• A new script editor that can track changes, color code InTouch Script Elements, auto-complete and more.

• Application target resolution that is able to specify the target resolution of your display client—even if it is different than the screen resolution of the development machine.

• Reusable application templates are able to create application windows from ‘template windows.’

• A new ‘Frame’ type windows can host an ArchestrA graphic and dynamically resize those windows at run time.

• Ability to pan and zoom at run-time using mouse, keyboard and touch gestures using the ‘frame’ property.

• Capacity to run Window Viewer as a service, making the ability to run InTouch as ‘tag server’ in any modern OS a snap.

• Expanded connectivity with OPC UA support out-of-the-box.

To learn more about InTouch 2017 enhancements and how these new features and capabilities can help you BUILD IT BETTER, please join us for this free webinar.

Topic: What’s New in InTouch 2017
Date: Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm EST
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