Connectivity Update: Reducing engineering cost and risk when connecting to more types of devices and services

You’re expected to source data into Wonderware systems from more device and system types than ever before, in more locations far and wide. Often the only solution seems to be custom interfaces – unless you are familiar with some of the off-the-shelf tools available from Software Toolbox. Attend this webinar and see demonstrations and presentations of three out-of-the-box tools that make connecting to external information sources a snap. Join us and learn:

About OmniServer: Unlike most I/O servers that talk to specific devices and no others, OmniServer can be configured to talk to virtually any one device or multiple devices. This is done through a series of dialog boxes that guide you through building a description of the data stream used to communicate with the device. Once built, OmniServer takes care of the communications with the device and the delivery of the data to a client program. Easily talk to bar code readers, weigh scales, serial devices, printers, Ethernet devices and more. Learn how:

· Omniserver lowers cost of connectivity and risk, eliminating custom code, and connecting to about anything from Wonderware

· We’re making Omniserver, a proven solution for 21 years, even better with UI updates and Wizards designed to shorten time to completion

· About the new MES integration options coming in Omniserver

About Cogent DataHub: Cogent DataHub provides a multi-purpose nerve-center transforming process data from multiple sources into usable information. An intuitive interface connects multiple sources into accessible, secure formats that can easily integrate to your Wonderware systems.

· Learn why using tunneling with the Cogent DataHub is a highly cost effective option for integration of remote data assets

About ConnexSoft JSON OPC Server: Did you realize that the cost of energy, water and current weather data that you see online is available as web services? Those providers typically expose such data via RESTful web service and deliver the data in a format known as JSON. The CXS Data Access Server for JSON/REST provides an easy, reliable method for collecting this readily available data from JSON RESTful web services.

· Learn how to integrate Web Services data into Wonderware using the ConnexSoft JSON OPC Server

To learn more about the flexible connectivity offerings from Software Toolbox, join us for this webinar.

Topic: Connectivity Update: Reducing Engineering Cost and Risk
Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2016
Time: 2:00 pm EST
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