Wonderware System Platform 2017

What’s New in System Platform 2017

Wonderware System Platform 2017 has been released and things will never be the same! With over 5 years of development in this single release, System Platform 2017 makes a step change in capabilities found in traditional SCADA platforms and continues to deliver on the promise of a transformational technology that allows customers to implement solutions for SCADA, MES and IIoT in a single, flexible platform.

In this webinar we’ll discuss core enhancements in the Application Server Platform that drive significant scalability, engineering and ease of use improvements that are far and away unlike anything else in the market. Join us to learn about:

• Object wizards to create a single template that can represent multiple different configurations for the same device.

• Auto-Build to automatically generate tags & create instances of the PLC control structures at the supervisory SCADA host in seconds

• A Pre-built library of out of box standards (device objects and faceplates) includes instruments, meters and valves that work across any PLCs, PAC or DCS.

• A centralized licensing server and zero client installation to easily manage software licensing.

• Staged object redeployments to facilitate continuous improvements without impacting production.

• The ability to maintain Operator runtime changes (set points, alarm limits) across re-deployments.

• A built-in simulator and HMI live preview to ensure your designs are optimized to perform on every display screen, the first time!

• And more…

To learn more about the enhancements built into System Platform 2017 and how these new features and capabilities can help you BUILD IT BETTER, please join us for this webinar.

Topic: What’s New in System Platform 2017
Date: Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm EST
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