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System Platform 2017 and the Power of Object Wizards

System Platform 2017 introduces many new and enhanced capabilities but perhaps none as effective as Object Wizards. Object Wizards allow users to create comprehensive templates for different classes of equipment that will be monitored within the System Platform environment. These wizards provide the capability to create a single core template that can incorporate all variations within a class of equipment – eliminating the need to have multiple versions per equipment type.

A single template for every style of control valve… A single template for every style of pump… A single template for all variations on a mixer, etc.

Once created, users building SCADA applications or MES applications simply select the appropriate object wizard and step through the menu to describe the specific type of equipment they wish to monitor and deploy. Within minutes this new piece of equipment is online and collecting data. Fast, easy and comprehensive – Object wizards take System Platform to a whole new level.

During this webinar we’ll review and discuss:

  • What is an object Wizard
  • How to create Object Wizards and how to quickly assemble new applications.
  • How Object Wizards truly enable corporate standardization within SCADA and MES applications.
  • How Object Wizards make creating, managing and deploying plant floor applications fast and easy.

Join us for this free webinar and discover how Object Wizards continue to make System Platform the most powerful SCADA platform on the market and “Build It Better” with Wonderware North.

Topic: System Platform 2017 and the Power of Object Wizards
Date: Wednesday, November 1, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm EST
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