InTouch Machine Edition

The Power of InTouch Machine Edition (ITME)

InTouch Machine Edition is a highly scalable, flexible HMI designed to provide everything from advanced HMI applications to small-footprint embedded devices. The rich feature set enables OEMs, machine builders and end users to create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI applications for any industry. It can deploy and run on small panel PCs, embedded devices and machines and supports remote HMI access on smart phones and tablets without any client installations.

Want to do more? InTouch Machine edition is suitable for both the low and high end of HMI requirements. It offers a complete HMI toolset that allows you to connect to almost any PLC or controller (over 240 drivers), create remote HMI applications for web browsers, smart phones, and tablets and deploy applications across a variety of operating systems. Simply put, ITME is the most powerful low cost HMI on the market.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

• The basic power and feature set of InTouch Machine Edition.
• InTouch Machine Edition’s ability to run across multiple operating system platforms.
• How ITME integrates seamlessly with the Wonderware System Platform for application development, deployment and information integration.
• How ITME can pump data to the Wonderware Historian and Wonderware Online.
• Easy to use ITME Web Client interface options.
• The ability to import PanelBuilder32™ and PanelMate™ and convert them to ITME applications
• And more…

Join us for this free webinar to learn more about InTouch Machine Edition and Build It Better with Wonderware North.

Topic: The Power of InTouch Machine Edition (ITME)
Date: Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm EST
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