Industrial Video & Control
IV&C Provides a complete line of Industrial IP Camera Equipment and video capture Software to work seamlessly with your Plant floor SCADA Systems and MES Systems. Specialized, ruggedized camera equipment for any application and any budget.

Industrial Video & Control Hardware:

Industrial Video & Control is manufacturer of network video solutions for industrial and manufacturing environments. IVC specializes in melding state-of-the-art industrialized video hardware, Video Capture Software, and Plant Floor SCADA Systems and MES Systems to provide customers with the most complete picture of their manufacturing environment possible. Using IVC technology, users can capture and imbed high definition video right into their plant floor software systems – even linking captured video to alarms, events and historian data so that users can see video details that happened around specific process events. Additionally, IVC allows users to overlay real-time and historical data from process control systems so that it is dynamically superimposed on top of captured video.

For customers looking to specify systems to provide industrial surveillance and monitoring capability, security applications, productivity improvement applications, and safety applications, IVC can provide all of the needed components that will work seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. And you can count on IVC – their open platform solutions have been used across a variety of industries including Food & Beverage, Metals, Water & Wastewater, General Manufacturing, Marine, Mining, Utilities, Military, Transportation and more.


  • IVC provides a complete line of IP based cameras for Industrial Environments (including wireless options)
  • IVC specializes in Class I Division 1 and 2 or ATEX cameras certified for use in hazardous areas
  • IVC just released a new Specialty Camera Systems for overhead cranes including adjustable clutch mechanism for camera stability and vibration-damping mounts
  • IVC specializes in the integration of access control, perimeter security, and process control into your video system
  • IVC can help in the transitioning of legacy analog CCTV systems to IP Camera Systems
  • IVC can provide complete plant surveys to help specify and plan for your complete video solution
  • Learn more about IV&C at

Industrial Video & Control Software:

The Longwatch Product Suite from IV&C provides a simple method for recording exactly what happens in and around your plant (including what is happening on your HMI consoles) and allows you to link that video to plant Historian Data and Manufacturing Events from your HMI/SCADA System. Additionally, Longwatch Software Utilizes your existing low bandwidth communications networks– including PLC networks to collect and distribute video information. Event-based video can then be distributed to your phone/e-mail – delivering video snippets when important alarms and events occur. This capability allows you to make faster and better decisions ensuring safety and security for your personnel and plant assets.

Additionally, IV&C’s broad range of camera offerings include cameras that are suited to operate in most climates. Whether the prevailing temperatures are hot or cold, IV&C can provide a camera solution that not only provides high quality video but can do so using minimal power. They also specialize in providing cameras that will be used in potentially hazardous or “dirty” environments.


The Longwatch Recorder:

LongWatchThe Longwatch Operator’s Console Recorder is a software module that enables automatic recording of your HMI or SCADA operator’s console display. With this tool, Longwatch archives exactly what the operator was seeing, because it records the video that’s being sent to the display itself. Playing back what the operator was seeing can be a very valuable method for troubleshooting, training and process improvement. It can also be an important tool to help analyze what went wrong, or what can be done to avoid future problems. The Console Recorder software requires no special hardware. It automatically records your HMI/SCADA console displays to the Longwatch Video Engine. When combined with the Video Historian’s message linking capability, you can see exactly what the operator was seeing when selected events and alarms occurred. Learn more here:

The Longwatch Video Historian:

Data Historians are the backbone of applications that drive productivity improvements in today’s competitive and challenging manufacturing environment. The Longwatch Video Historian automatically links real plant video to your historical, operator, alarm and production databases. By integrating with the Wonderware Historian Client trend chart object, Longwatch Video Historian software simultaneously shows trend graphs of user-selected variables (displayed as color “pen” lines) with archived video. The video panel and trend chart can be “linked” (synchronized) with the click of a button on the Viewer display. When the user clicks and drags the chart object’s time cursor (normally used only for displaying the process variable’s engineering unit value and status at a selected point in time), the Video Historian also moves the video forward or backward accordingly. Learn more here:

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