Industrial Video & Control

Industrial Video and Control (IVC), the leader in industrial video solutions, manufactures sophisticated camera management software and rugged IP cameras for industrial, marine, and security applications. For 10 years IV&C has delivered IP video monitoring and surveillance systems to the most demanding environments and applications.

Industrial Video & Control manufactures network video solutions for industrial installations. Based near Boston, Massachusetts, IV&C is the global market leader in industrial network video, driving the integration of digital video with SCADA applications. IV&C products and solutions focus on industrial surveillance and monitoring solutions for security, productivity, and safety applications. Our solutions are based on innovative, open technology platforms. With the purchase of Longwatch Video Systems, IV&C can provide complete video solutions for the most demanding manufacturing and industrial environments. Combining state-of-the-art industrial video hardware with Video Data Collection systems that seamlessly integrate to plant floor information systems, IV&C helps users combine plant floor video with SCADA system data for the ultimate understanding of plant floor operations.

Industrial Video & Control

IV&C specializes in industrial network video solutions for surveillance and remote monitoring. Our range of products includes industrial network cameras, video management software, and a full range of accessories. We offer a complete line of video products that are certified for use in hazardous areas (Class I Division1, Class I Division 2, Zone 1, ATEX).

Our camera management software is specifically designed to manage large networks of cameras. Our highly configurable software solutions are based on open architectures that facilitate the integration of other devices and systems typically used in conjunction with industrial video systems, including legacy analog CCTV systems.

Where required, IV&C is willing and able to design custom solutions. We can design tailored hardware solutions to meet unique environmental requirements as well as custom software solutions to provide the user functions needed. Learn more at

  • Class I Division 1 and 2 or ATEX cameras certified for use in hazardous areas
  • Live video and camera controls for SCADA HMI screens
  • Integration of access control, perimeter security, and process control into your video system
  • Custom video solutions for extremely demanding or unique applications
  • Transitioning legacy analog CCTV systems to IP


Bringing a deep understanding of distributed system architecture, automation industry standards and Microsoft software development, Longwatch has delivered a product family that fits the operational methods and robust demands for process and manufacturing applications. Longwatch solutions deliver operational improvements, safety and security, and regulatory compliance in a wide variety of industries including water, power utilities, oil and gas production, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and discrete part manufacturing.

The Longwatch Video System™, is a portfolio of products that enables HMI system users to integrate real-time and recorded video with their automation events and easily verify alarms at local and remote sites using both legacy and new networking infrastructures. The system integrates video and system alarms on the same display for fast, reliable operation and decision-making.


The Longwatch Video Surveillance System has been integrated with Wonderware’s InTouch HMI, Active Factory, Historian and MES software in several applications. The combination of Wonderware software and Longwatch Video systems allows operators in process control applications to see live and archived video from the plant floor directly on their Wonderware HMI screens. This allows operators to “see” what is going on in a process plant or factory without having to send someone to the scene. The operator can also “rewind” the video to see what happened a few seconds or a few hours before an incident. Learn more at

  • The Longwatch Video System consists of a number of software modules that provide camera management, video archiving, data management, graphic display and system configuration. The system uses a distributed system architecture, to deliver performance, scalability and fault tolerance.
  • The Longwatch Video Historian is a breakthrough in data management: automatically linking and integrating real plant video to help improve plant efficiency, documentation regulatory compliance and operations management.
  • The Longwatch Operator’s Console Recorder is a software module that enables automatic recording of your HMI or SCADA operator’s console display. With this tool, Longwatch archives exactly what the operator was seeing, because it records the video that’s being sent to the display itself.

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