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Wonderware industry solutions drive value and sustainability by applying technologies and expertise to continuously improve industrial operations.

General Manufacturing

General manufacturing is characterized by “lots of one” with the need to enforce consistency unit by unit. Wonderware software meets the needs of many segments with an underlying driver for yields, throughput and real-time quality management.

Innovative Wonderware software solutions are used by manufacturers around the world to achieve optimal performance and improve overall operations in key areas like quality, production tracking, performance, inventory, order fulfillment and asset management. Our Wonderware Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and technology platform address the demands and complexities of contemporary manufacturing systems. » Learn more



Software tools for operator training and advanced process control provide the power industry with the ability to operate safely and within regulatory compliance. Together, these solutions allow a power plant to run efficiently at peak performance regardless of the heat rate. Leading power generators and distributors rely on Wonderware to provide a wide range of automation solutions that address increasing and evolving demands. From the plant level through the enterprise, solutions from Wonderware enable 20% of the power worldwide. » Learn more 

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

Wonderware’s software portfolio provides integrated supervisory control and manufacturing operations management solutions with full regulatory compliance as required in the biotech, life sciences, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Wonderware offers a comprehensive set of validation and operations improvement solutions to address regulatory compliance, production performance, and quality and foundationally address a Risk-Based Approach. Our solutions empower corrective actions before problems or variations occur, getting the right information to the right person. The ability to access relevant system data increases agility by analyzing root causes and making recommendations to improve decision making. This enables the realization of an average of 1% to 5% of total plant output value through lowered costs and/or increased revenues. » Learn more 

Hydrocarbon Processing

Advanced software applications that assist refiners in meeting the demands of today’s operating environment by addressing the most threatening issues. Each software application is complemented with a strong service organization for consulting, engineering and design and implementation. Wonderware helps refining and petrochemical producers achieve superior performance through better management of their energy usage and costs, optimization of their process yields, reduction or elimination of safety-related incidents and improved operator performance. » Learn more 

Infastructure & Smart Cities


Any infrastructure operation needs access to real-time, comprehensive information, typically from disparate systems. Invensys software solutions are used across infrastructure operations, helping clients around the world utilize critical data to make more effective and faster decisions.

With the increasing majority of people living in cities, urbanization poses significant short-term and long-term challenges to governments and municipalities. A Smart City shares its digital infrastructure and data to enhance livability, workability, and sustainability. Wonderware software enables cities to access real-time, critical data to make better, faster and more efficient decisions for their communities. » Learn more 

Food & Beverage/Consumer Packaged Goods

Solutions that provide food and beverage manufacturers with the tools to enable safe, profitable, repeatable and sustainable operations, whether their enterprise is comprised of a single plant or a large, distributed, multi-plant environment.

The leading global food, beverage, consumer packaged goods, and tobacco manufacturers rely on Wonderware solutions to manage preparation, batch and packaging operations for better manufacturing visibility, performance, quality, and productivity.
» Learn more 

Machine Builders/OEM


As a machine builder, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or value-added reseller (VAR), you must innovate continuously to maintain market share. Among the greatest opportunities to add value to today’s systems is in equipping them to integrate with other machines and with the extended enterprise.

Wonderware specialists are here to help do that, bringing you the latest integration ready HMIs and all the IIoT, Big Data, Cloud and other integration expertise you need to make the most of that capability.

With Wonderware HMIs, you will be able to ship machines with a platform that is easy to use, capable of communicating and integrating with other hardware and software systems, easily customized and secure. And, you can standardize HMI applications across product lines, across an entire plant, or even meet the needs of multi-site installs. » Learn more 

Mining, Minerals & Metals

Enabling the trend toward the “Mine to Port” or “Mine of the Future” concept, Wonderware offers comprehensive, integrated software solutions to meet daunting challenges such as cyclical market demand, aging production assets and a workforce in transition with swelling retirement ranks.

Wonderware delivers solutions that help you operate safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive context. Whether you are concerned about minimizing costs, creating sustainable environmental operations, reducing energy consumption or maximizing asset availability, all while maintaining or improving production, Wonderware can help. » Learn more 

Oil & Gas, Upstream & Midstream

Solutions used by a solid base of customers that are able to manage and control a well field or area from one interface, from one location. Optimize gas plant profitability by modeling complex facilities and tuning the plant and streams or design and optimize plants before they are built. Wonderware Upstream Oil and Gas Industry solutions enable safe operation for personnel and the environment while helping to generate the greatest profitability, production and productivity from existing assets. Invensys also helps get new assets to first production quickly. » Learn more 

Chemicals and Fertilizers

Offerings to continuously improve plant and facilities operations, lower waste, provide more flexible and agile production capabilities and reduce unit costs, energy, and greenhouse gas intensities and plant emissions, all while simultaneously raising yields and quality compliance.

Leading Chemical and Fertilizers companies rely on Wonderware to actively drive value and sustainability by applying its technologies and expertise to continuously improve plant and facilities operations, lower waste, provide more flexible and agile production capabilities and reduce unit costs, energy and greenhouse gas intensities and plant emissions, all while simultaneously raising yields and quality compliance. » Learn more 

Water & Wastewater

Wonderware solutions enable companies to provide high quality, affordable and sustainable service to their customers. Offerings empower the delivery of secure, reliable water and wastewater operations, meeting regulatory compliance and managing the operation’s performance and cost goals. Wonderware offers products and services designed to help deliver secure and reliable operations, meet regulatory compliance, manage operation performance and control costs. This enables Wastewater and Water companies to provide an affordable service to customers while pursuing sustainability goals. » Learn more 



Wonderware offers a number of solutions for transportation, including integrated, customized and centralized applications that are scalable, sustainable and cost-effective. This includes unified station management systems that support easy integration and standardization.

Road, rail, air, and water transportation networks are complex. They must operate safely, reliably and efficiently and be regulatory compliant. Wonderware solutions are based on the advanced ArchestrA software architecture, making them open, easily integrated and highly scalable. They include applications for tracking real-time and historical data, managing passenger communications, and monitoring facilities, assets and functionality. » Learn more 

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