The SmartGlance™ Mobile Reporting Solution now includes the ability to easily attach to InTouch .lgh files so that InTouch users can have access to critical data wherever they are.

Think about the value of having real time access to your most important business data from your mobile phone – and viewing that information in a graphical format that is optimized for display on the small screen. No need to carry the bulky laptop with you while you are on the road. No more accessing information on your company Intranet that’s only formatted for a full screen – no clumsy scrolling or viewing unreadable data. That’s just part of the power of Invensys SmartGlance.

SmartGlance™ provides on-demand and Real-time access to continually changing corporate data, reports and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) via mobile smart phones. In addition, SmartGlance™ also provides analysis tools on the mobile phone so that you can make smart decisions even when you are on the road.

New: View Process Data Directly from InTouch’s Data Logger

SmartGlance Mobile

Now historized tag data captured by the InTouch data logger and stored in InTouch Historical Log (LGH) files can be viewed on your favorite smart phone or mobile device as Wonderware Mobile reports.

  • Wonderware Mobile Reporting is comprised of SmartGlance, Sarla Analytics’ smart phone reporting service and the Wonderware Mobile Reporting Connector, which now provides data connectivity to InTouch LGH historical data files, the Wonderware Historian and many other data sources. Working together, data reports are sent to your phone and are updated automatically, so they are ready when you need them. SmartGlance™ supports all of the major mobile device platforms; Apple (iPhone, iPad), Android, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry.
  • The Wonderware Mobile Reporting Connector provides report configuration, formatting and data connectivity services to SmartGlance™. InTouch LGH data files are supported along with data from any ADO.NET compatible data source for enhanced data access to third party data sources/systems. Data security features are built-in and the connector allows easy browsing and selection of data tags for SmartGlance™ reports from multiple InTouch applications
    – no special SQL queries are needed saving valuable IT resources.

SmartGlance Mobile

SmartGlance™ can be leveraged as a hosted solution or customers can install the software at their own facility leveraging our on premise version. Your data on your Smartphones and tablets wherever you are.

If you’re interested in the ability to get easy, rich reports on your smartphone, please call us at 877-900-4996 or e-mail us at and we’d be happy to help.

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