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For two decades, STRONGARM has been creating specialized, ruggedized ergonomic designs to house plant floor computing equipment and their associated peripherals. We have created multiple different product categories and variations on common platforms to provide an endless variety of choices for our customers. But what makes us different from any other off-the-shelf equipment box providers? We’re different because we don’t just do specials… we embrace them.

From environmental and ergonomic considerations to installation challenges and unique component choices, virtually every application has a few twists. And the reason we can be different? Because we do all the design, fabrication, finishing and assembly in-house while drawing from our huge inventory of stock parts. We can tailor our products faster and more cost effectively than anyone, whether it’s one of a kind or one of a thousand. And the system you specify will arrive at your doorstep completely assembled and wired – ready for power, and ethernet.


STRONGARM manufactures a variety of industrial displays with a variety of touchscreen options. From 12.1 inch flat panels to 24 inch widescreen displays, STRONGARM industrial displays are provided with Precision-milled, heavy-duty bezel to ensure longer display life. Each display comes with a 3 year warranty (1 year warranty on touchscreens) and the ability to incorporate Display Pattern Matching, whereby we can retrofit any of our industrial displays with stud patterns to match almost any other display manufacturer’s pattern. We also provide oversized displays up to 70 inches with specialized mounting and cooling options for use in any environment.

Pedestal Style Stations:

Leveraging our MiniConsole and our Pedestal Station formats, STRONGARM can provide a wide variety of streamlined, ruggedized plant floor stations that incorporate STRONGARM displays, industrial computers, thin clients, scanners, industrial keyboards and pointers and more.

Pendant Arms:

Leveraging our patented Vertica Arm, STRONGARM has been the leader in vertically adjustable floor stations for close to two decades. Our MiniStation line of products leverages Counterbalanced vertical adjustment with automatic lock-in-place capability combined with the ability to swing the arm left and right at the enclosure and at the mounting bracket that can be connected to a post, a wall or a machine. MiniStations can incorporate STRONGARM displays, industrial computers, thin clients, scanners, industrial keyboards and pointers and more.

Wall Stations and Suite-Stations:

Wall Stations and Suite-Stations are tightly integrated and compact for deployment in small areas. They can incorporate a variety of STRONGARM displays, industrial computers, thin clients, scanners, industrial keyboards and pointers and more. Virtually seamless designs make the units incredibly easy to clean.

Mobile Stations:

From mobile quality stations to mobile MES terminals to mobile batch weighing terminals, STRONGARM mobile computing stations are completely self-contained and portable. With either the ability to connect to tethered power and Ethernet or be completely mobile running on specialized batteries and wireless Ethernet, STRONGARM mobile computing stations can integrate a variety of computing equipment, peripherals and display options into a state-of-the-art mobile workstation capable of running in any environment.

Light Industrial Arms:

Unlike office-grade products, which are made primarily from plastic, our line of light industrial mounting arms are built from durable cast aluminum alloy to withstand the rigors of more demanding environments. Our MightMount and CleanMount light industrial arms are designed to be ergonomically friendly, with 16 inches of vertical counter-balanced adjustment allowing for one-hand positioning with minimal effort. The display and keyboard lock in place for safety. Adjustable-tilt keyboards, integrated bar code scanner brackets, as well as writing trays with pull-out keyboard are additional features that can be added.


At STRONGARM, we specialize in making the solution you require. Our engineers are experts at understanding customer ideas and making solutions to meet their exact needs. The STRONGARM web site at strongarm.comis filled with examples of different systems we have made over the years so check it out and call us to challenge us with your ideas. We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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