In most plants today, automation programming changes are made by multiple users on multiple PCs and multiple programs. As a result, there are dozens of CDs, flash drives, and floppy disks located throughout the plant, each containing different program versions. Inefficiencies are inevitable, costly and even dangerous. With an increase in programs and a decrease in automation personnel, effectively managing this situation is a growing challenge. AutoSave eases your management burden and helps you seize plant-wide control of your automation environment.

MDT AutoSave

AutoSave is an enterprise change management solution providing a comprehensive suite of tools to protect, save, restore, discover, and track changes for industrial programmable devices and documents. Today over 4,700 end users in a variety of industries worldwide use the AutoSave software suite to effectively manage change and minimize downtime of plant floor automation by supporting the most comprehensive range of devices and editors in the industry.

AutoSave Capabilities:

  • AutoSave provides archival backups of all of your critical plant floor applications (PLCs, SCADA Systems, Robots, Workstations, CNCs, Documents, Welders, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Drives)
  • AutoSave provides change detection
  • AutoSave provides change documentation
  • AutoSave provides Historical tracking
  • AutoSave provides secured user and workstation access
  • AutoSave provides disaster recovery
  • AutoSave provides controlled editor operations
  • AutoSave provides automatic change notification
  • And more…

AutoSave for Wonderware System Platform:

As an Endorsed Partner for Wonderware, AutoSave for System Platform compliments the Wonderware System Platform solution with unparalleled change management lowering risk and increasing control. In order to properly safeguard your automation environment, you must manage changes during each major phase of your application lifecycle.

AutoSave for System Platform provides change management for objects including graphics, templates and more, within the Wonderware System Platform environment. Using the AutoSave for System Platform Client, the version history and revision details of each object in a Galaxy can be viewed and compared intuitively. To protect against unexpected change issues, restoration of changed objects back to prior states from the AutoSave history database with auditable change tracking is supported.

  • Compatible with System Platform 2012/Application Server 3.5. And backward version compatible with System Platform 4.0/Application Server 3.1 SP3P1.
  • “Runs as a Service” for enhanced security, eliminating the prior need to leave the GR Node “logged-on”.
  • Improved navigation (Tabs for multiple object analysis, Dock/Undock of tabs, etc.).
  • Built upon the latest version of AutoSave enabling integration with InTouch 2012, PLC’s, CNC’s.
  • Now use a single AutoSave server for both System Platform and automation devices.
  • Ability to rollback a single Galaxy, even if multiple Galaxies are stored in a single AutoSave repository.
  • E-mail notifications of errors or warnings to System Administrators.
  • Convenient “right-click” and compare on the restore dialog, for quick analysis prior to restoring a prior object.
  • Earlier warning and notification of software support expiration.

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