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Asset Effectiveness

Improving your plant or facility’s asset effectiveness is no longer an option for most manufacturers or industrial operations today. If you can’t operate your assets in the most efficient manner possible, you increase operating costs and ultimately run the risk of falling behind your competitors.

Asset Effectiveness solutions from Wonderware deliver focused, real-time equipment performance information coupled with relevant maintenance information so plant managers can improve operational performance, increase asset availability and ultimately improve plant productivity – without adding additional plant assets.

Move to operator driven reliability and condition based maintenance using Wonderware Asset Effectiveness solutions. Control room based and mobile operators can view or create new work orders to initiate work on assets that show early signs of degradation – helping prevent costly secondary damage. According to industry experts, condition-based or predictive maintenance can save up to five times the cost of break down maintenance.

Wonderware offers a comprehensive Asset Effectiveness solution that incorporates ArchestrA, Wonderware’s industry leading software technology architecture, which delivers incredible easy of configuration, scalability and engineering efficiency. » Learn more

Batch Management

Thousands of customers rely on batch management software solutions from Wonderware to perform repeatable and consistent execution of batching processes across all industries. Whether it is as electronic batch records (EBR) system in regulated industries, paperless operated production environments or automated recipe management for supervisory systems.
From simple batch processes, where only the formula changes for different products, to the most complex batch processes requiring dynamic allocation of shared equipment – Wonderware has a solution. Each of which ensures reduced lifecycle costs and investment protection by leveraging the ArchestrA software architecture. » Learn more

Data Historian

The Wonderware Data Historian solution leverages the state-of-the-art ArchestrA System Platform, industry leading historian technology, web-based reporting capabilities and renowned open data source connectivity from Wonderware. The resulting historian solution is unlike any other data archiving and reporting solution found in the market today.
With blazing speed, broad scalability, highly efficient data storage and retrieval, high availability and simple one click historization set-up, the Wonderware Data Historian solution has an industry reputation low total cost of ownership.
Pre-configured web based reports and data analysis capabilities drive immediate value from data captured by the Wonderware Data Historian solution. » Learn more

Enterprise Integration

Wonderware offers powerful capabilities to complete the manufacturing supply chain by linking Wonderware Software and other plant floor and manufacturing systems to business applications like ERP, PLM, SCM or LIMS systems.
Wonderware Enterprise Integrator provides an extensible framework for reliable information exchange between business and manufacturing systems. » Learn more

Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI)

Wonderware Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) scalable software empower companies to analyze their overall operational performance using simple yet powerful data analysis, reporting and visualization tools. Production, costs, process capability, equipment downtime, energy, quality, variance data and other Key Performance Indicator metrics can be collected, aggregated, contextualized and displayed.

A variety of offerings allow you to choose key operations metrics you want to collect – to be monitored in real time through interactive Dashboards, or turned into web-based reports, providing actionable information to your full range of operational personal – tailored to their specific requirements, improving their decision making and alignment with business performance targets.

Wonderware EMI software solutions are based on a single, open and scalable software architecture, ArchestrA, that allows you to standardize on a common EMI solution and propagate it across multiple manufacturing or infrastructure sites.
» Learn more


HMI/SCADA solutions often impose complex demands on software architectures. Wonderware InTouch HMI Visualization, coupled with the award-winning ArchestrA-based Wonderware System Platform is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges.

Solutions built on ArchestrA technology benefit from a single, open and scalable software architecture that can connect to virtually any automation system, remote terminal unit (RTU), intelligent electronic device (IED), programmable logic controller (PLC), database, historian or business system in use today. The open nature of this platform enables users to expand their existing systems without having to buy new hardware or control systems.

Geographically dispersed applications, from a few hundred to one million I/O and from a single node to hundreds of stations, can be rapidly and securely implemented. » Learn more

Manufacturing Executions Systems (MES)

Wonderware offers software solutions for Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that feature a complete set of functional capabilities for consistent and effective execution of operational activities, from product track & trace through enterprise integration.

Leveraging the ArchestrA software architecture, Wonderware manufacturing execution systems are completely scalable and configurable which enables a unique, incremental approach to operational improvements where low-risk deployment of increased application functionality can be realized one step at a time.

Trusted by hundreds of manufacturers in a wide range of manufacturing and production operations, Wonderware MES is designed to drive operational improvements and substantially decrease total cost of ownership. » Learn more

Mobile Solutions

Wonderware Mobile Solutions enable manufacturers and producers to manage the processes and procedures used to ensure consistent execution of all field tasks required to achieve reliable operations.

Software running on rugged handheld computers enables field operators to collect data on non-instrumented machinery and to receive contextual information and guidance based on conditions encountered in the field. This helps ensure the consistent execution of best operating practices.

Collected data can also be used for process analysis and production reporting, as well as, integrated into existing back-end systems and plant data historians. » Learn more

Product Management Quality (SPC)

Delivering products with high “quality” — defined as “meeting specifications at the lowest possible cost” — is a top priority for manufacturers and industrial operations. Quality has many aspects and Wonderware applications provide valued, integrated Quality Management functionality to tens of thousands of companies worldwide.

Wonderware applications meet these quality needs. InTouch HMI offers real-time data monitoring and alarming; Historian stores voluminous process data for quality analysis; QI Analyst provides enterprise-wide SPC; ActiveFactory trends data; Operations & Performance Software provides spec management, genealogy, BOM enforcement, OEE and Downtime monitoring; System Platform monitors data levels and application templates can deliver nearly any quality capability; InBatch software collects information on batch quality and recipe settings; and the capability list goes on. » Learn more



ArchestrA is a comprehensive automation and information software architecture designed to integrate and extend the life of legacy systems by leveraging the latest, open industry standards and software technologies. It also unifies the Invensys Operations Management products that make up the InFusion ECS. ArchestrA ‘industrializes’ Microsoft .NET and other Microsoft technologies in order to provide an even more productive toolset for building critical operations management software solutions for manufacturing, production and facilities operations. The result exposes services needed by manufacturing and industrial infrastructure such as common name space, object management, industrial security, high availability and redundancy, plant connection, enterprise connection, client interface, web portal and systems management.

Utilizing ArchestrA technology, applications can be rapidly assembled using software objects rather than being “programmed”. Templates can be created for almost any purpose then used to build new applications simply through the reassembly and slight modification of these templates – saving time and lowering development costs. Offerings built upon ArchestrA empower decision-makers to achieve their business goals, without abandoning prior investments in systems, or intellectual property. » Learn more