Every day, you interact with systems and services that are protected by Stratus Technologies. 24X7 Cloud-Based Internet Applications, Critical Banking Systems, Air Traffic Control Systems, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes, Critical Transportation and Infrastructure Systems, Critical Energy Systems, and more. At Stratus Technologies, we have spent the last 30 years doing nothing but preventing system downtime, not just trying to provide a better way to recover from it. Our Solutions are so effective, we continually publish our global uptime percentage across all active servers every day so you can see our performance (view our live Uptime Meter at www.stratus.com/About/UptimeMeter). No other Server Hardware Vendor or software vendor can provide this kind of assurance.

Stratus ftServers run standing Windows operating systems, RedHat Linux and VMware vSphere operating systems and provide instant failover protection through a hardware platform that looks and feels just like a standard off the shelf Server. With over over 13,000 servers throughout the world, protecting some of the most mission critical applications, Stratus Servers are a proven technology platform that can be leveraged to provide complete application redundancy.


Stratus Hardware Options:

The Stratus ftServer Series prevent downtime and data loss for essential business applications and services. These servers eliminate the complexity and costs of deploying and managing alternative high-availability and virtualization software solutions. If you can turn on a PC, and load a software application, you can create a Status-based fault-tolerant hardware platform to enable redundancy for your mission critical applications. It is really that easy and because Stratus Servers don’t need any special software to work, setting up a Stratus Server is as easy as setting up a Dell Server. Load your operating system (if it is not already loaded), load your application and run. Leverage Stratus Servers for Virtualized Applications, a plant historian, an MES Server, redundant terminal servers, redundant HMI applications, etc. and instantly provide guaranteed uptime for your critical software applications. Learn more at http://www.stratus.com.

The Stratus Advantage:

  • Stratus Servers are open systems running standard Windows, Linux and VMware. Any application which runs on any of these operating environments will run without change on Stratus and become instantly continuously available.
  • Stratus Servers require no specialized training to set up a system. A Stratus ftServer appears to the operating system to be just another stand alone server. Load your software and go.
  • Stratus Servers provide 99.999% application availability. Engineered to prevent failure, Stratus ftServer™ systems are installed in hundreds of manufacturing facilities across the globe, virtually eliminating software downtime.
  • With Stratus Servers, there is no complex set up or fail over testing, no provisioning hardware, or mirroring disk drives. No engineering effort, no systems integration.
  • Stratus Servers Guarantee Uptime – They don’t just prevent downtime.

Stratus Software Options – Marathon:

Turn any two Standard Servers into a Fault Tolerant or High Availability Pair. Stratus Technologies Inc., acquired the assets of Marathon Technologies Corporation to Provide the most robust solution for Software-based Fault Tolerant Solutions. The addition of the Marathon everRun® line, including Marathon everRun MX, the world’s first software-based, fault tolerant solution to support multi-core/multi-processor Microsoft applications, further solidifies Stratus’s position as the leading provider of availability solutions.


Marathon everRun MX is the world’s first software-based, fault tolerance solution that supports both multi-core/multi-processor Microsoft applications. With everRun MX, all your Microsoft applications can have fault tolerant protection for a cost that is lower than today’s recovery-based, high availability solutions. Learn more at www.stratus.com/Products/everRun.

  • everRun MX turns any two off-the-shelf servers into a Fault Tolerant Pair.
  • everRun MX provides non-intrusive protection for any application where unexpected downtime could impact safety, your reputation, and your bottom line.
  • everRun’s patented ComputeThru™ technology keeps applications running, and users connected through both network and disk I/O failures.
  • everRun’s embedded policy management automatically handles all network and disk I/O failures. The end result — your protected application continues to ComputeThru™ without interruption or loss of data.
  • everRun MX leverages standard Windows Server hardware from the vendor of your choice – simple and cost effective.
  • everRun’s Slit Site Capability allows users to implement disaster recovery solutions by allowing the Fault-Tolerant Pair of servers to be geographically separated to protect against man-made or natural disasters.
  • And more!

Low Cost of Ownership in Manufacturing Environments with Simplified Virtualization

Virtualization has become standard practice in organizations of all types and sizes around the world, due to the advantages it offers such as agility, efficiency, and scalability compared to traditional physical infrastructures. In manufacturing environments, however, additional considerations must be made when virtualizing real-time manufacturing systems. Issues such as system performance, expected lifecycle, network and bandwidth considerations, long term cost of ownership, supportability, availability and reliability become critical to these applications.

SANs based clusters pose specific problems when used to protect manufacturing applications from incurring downtime. Manufacturing operations requires a solution that prevents downtime and can be supportable with traditional plant resources. Download the PDF below to learn more about reducing your cost of ownership and simplifying deployment for virtualized manufacturing applications.


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Sales: sales@wonderwarenorth.com
Support: support@wonderwarenorth.com

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