STRONGARM’s Flat Panel Displays are designed to survive the most demanding industrial applications. Because the display elements are built into precision-milled, solid aluminum or stainless steel bezels, they remain secure and free from stress. The possibility of life-shortening display deformation is significantly reduced when installed in a panel cut-out. When combined with a state-of-the-art box PC, users can take advantage of widescreen resolutions and amazing computing power in a single, split architecture system using the STRONGARM PanelPC.

The PanelPC from STRONGARM combines the compactness of a panel PC system with all of the advantages of split architecture design. By mounting the PC on an easily removable subpanel, the display and PC can both be serviced or replaced individually. The ability to service the components separately gives the STRONGARM PanelPC extended life and greater flexibility than other self-contained panel PCs. The PanelPC is constructed from precision milled stainless steel plate which provides greater durability–ideal for rugged industrial environments. The compact design makes the PanelPC easy to install into your control panel or enclosure, and the tightly integrated design ensures that the unit will take up minimum space. Compactness, durability, and split architecture design make the STRONGARM PanelPC the ideal solution for your industrial operator interface needs.

STRONGARM Display Panel


· 24” widescreen LCD Display (1920 x 1080 resolution)
· Resistive Touchscreen
· Integrated Microbox Industrial PC
· Hinged PC Subpanel for Easy Display Control Access
· Split Architecture Design Allows for Easy Replacement of
· Individual Components
· Durable Construction
· Compact and Easy to Install
· LED Backlight Technology
· Low Power Consumption
· AC or DC Powered

Make sure to ask about our Display Pattern Matching Program, where we can retrofit any of our industrial displays with stud patterns to match almost any other display manufacturer’s pattern.

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