With Galaxy to Galaxy Integration, Increased Historian Capability and a New Overview Tool for Information Server, this is not your standard R2 release.

Wonderware System Platform R2 2012The new R2 release includes several significant enhancements that expand the power of the Wonderware System Platform. The new ArchestrA System Platform 2012 R2 addresses the key business needs of today’s companies to aggressively and flexibly grow and compete by modernizing their operations with the latest available technologies and innovative software systems. This new release builds on the solid ArchestrA infrastructure and improves upon it even more with support for new underlying technologies and a clear focus on a paradigm shift enabling customers to implement, manage, expand, and secure their automation and control systems in ways never before possible. All with the ease of use that surpasses even Wonderware notoriety.

Feature: Paired Historians:

High availability of information and the ability to easily and elegantly analyze it is extremely valuable to customers and quickly translates to bottom line dollars, especially for those running 24/7 operations. Historian Server 2012 R2 supports pairing of two Historian Servers in a pairing configuration such that process values are simultaneously registered in each Historian without requiring separate configuration for each.

Feature: Larger Systems/Larger Sized Historian Server:

As supervisory control systems grow larger and more sophisticated, the need to historize more data becomes critical. The maximum tag size of Wonderware Historian Server 2012 R2 is now over 300% larger than previous versions, handling up to 500,000 tags.

Feature: Extended Historian Time Stamping & Security:

Customers with remote sites such as in Oil and Gas production and pipelines, Water, Power distribution, or any RTU specific use typically have issues properly handling intermittent and ‘late’ data that is out of sequence or substantially older than the present. When off-line remote sites suddenly connect, a burst of cached data must be handled efficiently and accurately. System Platform 2012 R2 and Historian 2012 R2 with significantly higher storage and retrieval throughput handle historization of intermittent and ‘late’ data with total integrity and without any greater system load than a comparable amount of “real-time” data. In addition, the communication channel for data from System Platform to Historian can be encrypted greatly improving security of data across the communications channel.

System Platform 2012 R2

Feature: Global System Unification/Multi-Galaxy & Security:

ArchestrA System Platform 2012 R2 enables companies to easily and seamlessly connect all controlsystems together with one common tightly integrated infrastructure with common security no matter how many operations or how geographically dispersed they are located. Again, while maintaining complete data integrity and high availability with optimal performance all under a single easily managed and maintained engineering layer. This can be applied to large globally distributed companies and to medium sized companies wanting to logically separate different parts of the business for operations and/or reporting purposes while maintaining a single integrated system. In addition, the data communication channel from System Platform to Historian Server and from System Platform to System Platform (Galaxy to Galaxy with multi-Galaxy configurations) can be encrypted thus improving security of data across the communications channel.

Feature: New Overview Client:

The new Information Server ‘OverView’ tool is an evolutionary browser based integrated view of process history, alarm, and production data so intuitive and informative that it gives users a true holistic understanding of their operations. Information from multiple sources is shown ‘in context’ and in high fidelity for flexible trouble shooting, drill through diagnostics, and ad hoc exploration of related contexts all in one tool. It provides a rich user experience like a desktop application yet is installable from Internet Explorer like a plug-in.

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