System Platform Manual Data Collection from your Windows Tablet

Right now, your operations workforce collects valuable plant data on paper round sheets. That data is often late and prone to errors and is very difficult to report on, store or integrate to other systems or departments that need the information. Late information can mean equipment downtime or failure to comply with regulatory requirements. Wonderware IntelaTrac changes that dynamic and makes manual data collection a true weapon for increasing the effectiveness of plant operations and equipment reliability.

Wonderware IntelaTrac enables manufacturers and processors to achieve reliable, safe and profitable operations through consistent execution of best practices by the field workforce — accelerating and sustaining mainstream process improvements. IntelaTrac helps insure that best operating and regulatory procedures are followed at all times, data is collected on non-instrumented plant assets, critical environmental, health and safety inspections are performed on schedule and mobile operators have the information at their fingertips to operate plant assets in the most effective manner possible. And IntelaTrac natively integrates to the Wonderware System Platform and Wonderware Historian to allow manually collected data to be integrated directly with your Wonderware automation platform.

IntelaTrac can push manual data to:

  • The Wonderware Historian so that manually collected information can be logged in the process historian for analysis and reports.
  • The Wonderware System Platform and its plug in tools (MES, Energy Management, etc.) so that manually collected data can be a part of your automation process. Once in the System Platform, manual data can be viewed on HMI screens or used inside of MES, Energy Management, Facilities Management and more.

And now, IntelaTrac has a new Windows Tablet Client!


Introducing the New IntelaTrac V5.0 with Windows 8.1 Pro Tablet Support

Wonderware IntelaTrac 5.0 features a modernized customer experience leveraging Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro. IntelaTrac’s core capabilities were combined with Microsoft to build a new user interface following Microsoft Windows 8 standards. This effort will be extended in the first half of 2015 to include a solution for Android and iOS devices. Now users can use their favorite Tablet to collect valuable data and share that information directly with their Wonderware SCADA platform.

IntelaTrac V5.0

  • Provides operators with devices that are easy to use and easily accepted / adopted – i.e. Microsoft Surface Pro.
  • Includes new Auditor Plus reports that display the sum of various columns – KPIs can be filtered by crew, and data for crews that cross midnight are now being displayed.
  • Includes a new Mobile IntelaTrac client for Windows 8 that will be available for download directly from the Microsoft Windows store.

Stop collecting critical plant data on cumbersome paper sheets and start to drive increased plant performance by empowering your operations workforce with IntelaTrac.

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