One of the major new features to Intouch 10’s ArchestrA graphics is their scalability. ArchestrA Graphics are inherently vectorbased, and opposed to the bitmap-based traditional intouch graphics, the ArchestrA graphics lend themselves to be scaled to different sizes than their native footprint without losing clarity and readability. This is why ArchestrA graphics are classified as “resolution neutral” – they look good no matter how you scale them! Because of this, it is now more practical to do different scaling features with ArchestrA graphics that would not be as functional in a standard Intouch graphic set. One of the most noticeable, looking at the new Intouch reactor demo, is the “zoom on hover” functionality of graphics, or making an object grow to a more visible size when the mouse is placed on top of it. While some graphics in the built-in ArchestrA Symbol Library already have this Grow-Shrink functionality built in, it is very simple to add this functionality to any ArchestrA graphic, even ones that you, the engineer, create. This article will explain how to make a generic symbol template to implement this functionality with any graphic you create.

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