The InTouch Alarm DB Logger utility is used to log alarms and events from InTouch or System Platform to a Microsoft SQL Server database. Once this information is saved to the database, you can use a set of database views to easily query past and current alarm and event occurrences for a variety of reports.

In many installations, an engineer would configure this alarm logger to start as a Windows Service, which would enable the logger to start automatically when the computer boots up.

The benefit of this type of configuration is that no user interaction is required to log the alarms and events to the database after the computer starts up.

However with Microsoft’s Windows 2008 Server Operating System, there have been some security restrictions around services and their ability to interact with desktop applications. Due to that fact, the Alarm DB Logger Manager cannot be configured to run as a Windows Service. This TechTip can be used as a workaround for these new Operating System restrictions.

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