Wonderware Operation Integration Servers

The Power of Operation Integration Servers

Wonderware Operations Integration Solutions is the next generation of device integration, which greatly expands our connectivity spectrum both down to the data layer as well as up to the business and ERP layers which will eventually support an industry wide, global, IoT and Cloud-ready communication strategy. These next generation line of communications servers will incorporate all of the standard communication servers that have been provided with Wonderware products – but will now begin to extend these offerings to incorporate more and more interfaces to a wide variety of systems and devices.

Wonderware Operations Integration Solutions will be offered in different levels of functionality (Standard and Professional) and will incorporate enhanced features such as:

  • Increased throughput
  • Increased scalability
  • Elimination of single points of failure
  • Maximized communication uptime
  • Support of multiple OI Server versions on a single node
  • Co-existence with existing DAServers or DI Objects on a single node
  • Connectivity to PLCs via DDE, SuiteLink, OPC, OPC UA will continue.
  • New OPC-UA client
  • Stand-alone implementations for – InTouch, Historian and InBatch
  • Typical Historian Scalable Architecture – OI Server architecture allows multi-instance

Standard: Continues the current DAServer functionality with OI Servers for Allen-Bradley, Modbus, GE. Newly added OI Servers include: Automation Direct, CoDeSys (Bosch, 3S, Eaton, WAGO),Beckhoff, BACnet, Mitsubishi, Opto 22, Texas Instruments (OI TI500 G-1.2), OI Gateway G-1.2(SNMP, OPC UA, MQTT), OI ITME G-1.2.

Professional: Supports all the servers and functionality of Standard level plus:

– Multi-Instance – Multiple copies of the same OI Server running independently in a single node. And multiple copies of multiple OI Servers running on the same node.

– Concurrent Multi-Version – Allows mixing older DAServers with new OI Servers on a single node. Also allows mixing multiple different versions of the same OI Server on a single node.

Wonderware will continue to expand on this offering with OI servers providing integration capabilities into DCSs, Smart Devices, Telemetry, IoT, and Cloud. If you want to learn more about OI Servers or find out how to access this product, contact Wonderware North.

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