The STRONGARM CleanMount is a cost-effective industrial repositionable display and keyboard mounting system that also cleanly conceals all of your cables from view.

Unlike office-grade products, which are made primarily from plastic, the CleanMount is built from durable cast aluminum alloy to withstand the rigors of more demanding environments. The CleanMount is also designed to be ergonomically friendly, with 16”of vertical counterbalanced adjustment allowing for one-hand positioning with minimal effort. The display and keyboard lock in place for safety.

The CleanMount allows you to supply your own input devices and LCD, or you can order turnkey systems that ship complete, ready for use.

The CleanMount can integrate sealed enclosures with local computer/thin client options or additional advanced printer access enclosures (as shown)

The CleanMount can be mounted anywhere (on a wall, a rail system, a machine top, a bench top, or a floor post) and offers a variety of optional extensions that allow it to be installed in any environment.

Adjustable-tilt keyboards, integrated bar code scanner brackets, as well as writing trays with pull-out keyboard are additional features the CleanMount can accommodate.

Features of the CleanMount:

  • Sealed Cable Passageway; No Exposed Cables
  • 16” of Vertical Articulation
  • VESA mounting pattern for customer-supplied desktop LCDs/touchscreens
  • Pivoting Ergonomic Display Reduces Glare and Enhances Visibility
  • Dual Swivel Ends Allow for Precise Repositioning
  • Six User-Adjustable Sealed Friction Joints
  • Up to 52″ Reach From Wall With Optional Extension
  • Secure Lock-in-Place Feature
  • Robust Aluminum Construction
  • Lifetime product warranty


To design your CleanMount system, simply call Wonderware North at 877-900-4996 or e-mail us at

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