Wonderware Historian

Wonderware brings Wonderware Online as a managed information solution to provide historian data collection to small industrial sites or systems with many geographically separated installations. Users can now easily install a local data provider that securely pushes data to an always on, online Wonderware Historian – allowing users to gain access to and report on critical data from any of their locations.

Wonderware Online is a subscription based service that aggregates and stores information from InTouch Applications to deliver data to users that can then leverage the included trending and mobile reporting services to analyze and report on data. Additionally, when you use Wonderware Online, you are using a yearly service, managed and supported by Wonderware. Wonderware configures and manages the service that is hosted on highly secure Microsoft Azure® Cloud Servers. All data is encrypted so your valuable information is always secure.

Wonderware Online

Wonderware online is a perfect way to better understand the condition and performance of remote equipment or remote sites and makes adding a true Process Historian to these locations simple and easy. Simply purchase a Wonderware Online subscription from Wonderware North, your local Wonderware distributor. In a short time, you’ll be connected and ready to begin viewing your process data using the built-in client tools.

Key Capabilities:
  • All data is stored in the Wonderware Historian and hosted on the highly secure Microsoft Azure® Cloud environment.
  • Troubleshoot faster with powerful data trending capabilities, simple drag & drop.
    Mobile Reporting and Analytics.
  • Push data to operators, managers and service engineers — keeping them informed and in the loop across multiple systems.
  • Wonderware configures and manages Wonderware Online allowing users to focus on the information provided.
  • The Wonderware Online service is kept up-to-date automatically and at all times by Wonderware.
  • Flexible Service Model allowing you to easily add more users as needed.

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