The Wonderware Operator Interface Computer just got even better. With great hardware features and a bundled InTouch license, this platform offers big power at low cost.

Wonderware Industrial Computers are the perfect complement to your hardware or software standardization efforts, whether you have a manufacturing operation, infrastructure operation, or are a VAR or OEM machine builder. Wonderware Industrial Computers are ruggedized for harsh environments and come pre-installed with the operating system, drivers, and Wonderware product software you need for fast and easy implementation.

Wonderware Industrial Computers allow you to break free from proprietary hardware and functionally weak graphic interfaces. Now you can standardize on one common powerful visualization interface for your machine level applications and your supervisory HMI. Forward thinking standardization helps you fully leverage your engineering investment, shorten your development cycle, bring more value to your users or customers, and lower overall costs.

The Wonderware Proprietary Panel Killer

What HMI interface are they running?

They run the full version of InTouch so you don’t get a stripped down, closed HMI solution that requires its own development environment to learn and manage. Wonderware Operator Interface Computers allow you to use the World’s #1 HMI solution (Per ARC) across your plant no matter the application. One product, one development environment, no limitations.

Is it expensive?

Actually, it’s the opposite. You get a state-of-the-art PC platform bundled with a full InTouch license for the same cost as a proprietary solution – but with infinitely more power and capability. These 10” units are have extreme power crammed into a robust small form factor and priced WAY less than other proprietary systems – pinch yourself – because too good to be true is now in-stock and ready to order. If you don’t believe us, just call or e-mail and get pricing. It’s that simple.

Wonderware OIT Features

  • 10″ Operator Interface Computer from Wonderware
  • Select your InTouch® software version and language (English, German, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese)
  • Lightweight, chemical-resistant, aluminum or stainless steel front bezel
  • Drop in replacement for Kontron Operator Interface Computers
  • Expandable CF card slot
  • VNC server software installed for remote monitoring and design
  • Rated IP65 and NEMA 4/4X (indoor use only), RoHS compliant
  • Fanless, passive cooling
  • 12-24V DC powered (Optional 90-250V AC power supply)
  • Limited 24-month warranty (parts and labor) with extended 36 and 48 month options available
  • Standardize on one HMI throughout your facility from high end to low end

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