Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is a web-based software application for recipe formula management and product changeover for use on automated production equipment and machines in manufacturing. It allows for a standardized and sustainable approach to recipe management across different equipment and automation systems at low total cost of ownership by addressing a gap for off-the-shelf software solutions.

Recipe Manager Plus provides rich, ready to use functionality and deep governance (role-based security, automatic formula versioning, approval, change propagation) which outperform the custom solutions which can be found commonly in the industries. With Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus, Wonderware provides an off-the-shelf recipe management software offering which is fully control and automation system independent, provides ready to use recipe formula configuration and download functionality, multi-user capabilities and change history geared toward compliance and documentation needs.

Recipe Manager Plus Functional overview:

  • Users and operators interact with Recipe Manager Plus through a web based secured user interface.
  • The software provides automatic versioning, approval and change propagation of configuration changes.
  • A formula download web page provides the runtime functionality to select equipment and assign and review an approved formula for download.
  • Role based security for individual permissions to view, change, approve and download formulas.
  • Can be used standalone via OPC UA connectivity or integrated with Wonderware System Platform.
  • Is control and automation system-independent.
  • Architecture offers collaborative, multi-user capabilities and central data management.
  • Is a fully web-based server application, and ready to use user interface functionality for all formula management and download tasks.
  • Can be used standalone via OPC UA connectivity or integrated with Wonderware System Platform.

Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is built as a fully web-based server application with a platform-neutral user interface which provides full functionality and consistent user experience on any workstation, panel or mobile device, using a HTML5 standard compatible browser. The HTML5 standard enables a web application without any client side installation, which is IT and security friendly, allows secure remote access, and is easy to integrate with any HMI system. Users of Recipe Manager Plus will gain:

  • Operational efficiency – out of the box functionality, collaborative and remote multiuser access capabilities with central data management and web application architecture.
  • Standardization and low TCO – build and manage formulas across any equipment with different automation and HMI systems, a consistent user experience and reduced number of the formats and systems.
  • Fast time to value – The IT and security friendly web application is quickly deployed, eliminating any client application installation and maintenance needs.

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