WIN-911 SoftwareWIN-911 is the world’s most widely deployed Industrial and IIoT alarm notification software. Used at more than 70% of the Fortune Manufacturing 100, WIN-911 helps protect 12,000 facilities in 70 countries on six continents. WIN-911 delivers critical machine alarms via smartphone and tablet apps, voice (VOIP and analog), text, and email — reducing operator response times, system downtime, and maintenance costs by Delivering the right notification to the right person at the right time. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, WIN-911 has offices in Europe, Mexico, and China, and a rapidly expanding global network of authorized distributors and system integrators.

WIN-911 Provides:

SMS Mobile-to-Mobile – To provide the most secure, reliable and timely notification option, you may now choose SMS 1-Way or SMS 2-Way text messaging. This method does not require an internet or email connection. Supports both USB and Ethernet IP cellular modems (Verizon and AT&T). Just select a standard GSM modem and a text messaging plan from your local wireless carrier.

Mobile-911– Mobile-911 apps support Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. This powerful option enhances the WIN-911 software by using push notifications to alert users of new alarm events and displays the alarms in an interactive summary.

Telephony & Text Options – Instantly create all of your required voice sound files in just minutes. OPC and Direct Connects will use the tag descriptions from the SCADA database as the default text for the tag sound.

Premium Voice – This feature offers professional sounding voices as an alternative to the Microsoft choices. Voices are available in male and female selections. The standard accent is US English. International voices such as UK English, French, and Italian are available as special order.

Dialogic Telephony Cards (V7 only)– WIN-911 continues to support the world’s leader in computer telephony for applications requiring robust communications and multiple incoming lines.

Voice Capable (TAPI) Modems – Use a MultiTech External USB TAPI-compliant voice modem, this lower cost solutions for single line voice connections. These devices are typically “Plug & Play” and greatly reduce installation hassles.

Voice Over IP (VoIP) – Connect Voice over IP to any SIP Server. Take advantage of existing internal VoIP PBX systems, or leverage VoIP Service providers (e.g Skype)

Email Notification – Rich HTML or plain text templates support a wide range of devices. Protocol support for SMTP, POP, IMAP, SSL/TLS.

Reporting – Rich or plain text report templates are available. Reports can be sent on demand or based on alarm conditions.

Logging – Supports both live and historical views. Sort, arrange print or export your alarm history based on your preferences. Includes personnel notification attempts and confirmation, acknowledgments, events and error codes.

System Modifcation Audits  – Leverage your existing SQL server auditing features to provide audit trail for regulated environments.

Localization – Fully localized in 9 languages: English, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Spanish. Localization includes software configuration, alarm delivery and alarm interaction.

*Notification Options*: ALL notification options support single or bi-directional communication, acknowledgments, and customized formats.

WIN-911 has direct connectivity to Wonderware InTouch and System Platform along with several other HMI platforms and can also support OPC and DDE for connectivity to other open systems.

To learn more, contact Wonderware North.

How to reach us:

Phone: 877.900.4996

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