WIN-911 SoftwareWIN-911 Software is the most widely used remote alarm notification software in the world and is used by over 150 of the Fortune 500 companies. WIN-911® is real-time Alarm Notification Software that works with your existing control software or SCADA system to monitor operations and notify personnel of problem conditions. With WIN-911, your operators can concentrate on other tasks while your computer system does the monitoring. Leveraging pagers, cell phones, landline phones, PA systems and most wireless communications, WIN-911 provides instant and seamless access to system alarms directly to your workers wherever they are.

WIN-911 Provides:

SMS Mobile-to-Mobile – To provide the most secure, reliable and timely notification option, you may now choose SMS 1-Way or SMS 2-Way text messaging. This method does not require an internet or email connection. Just select a standard GSM modem and a text messaging plan from your local wireless carrier.

Mobile-911 & MobileView – Mobile-911 apps support Apple iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. This powerful option enhances the WIN-911 software by using push notifications to alert users of new alarm events and displays the alarms in an interactive summary. MobileView allows the user to view alarm information through a web browser and is a standard feature included with Mobile-911.

Telephony & Text Options – Instantly create all of your required voice sound files in just minutes. OPC and Direct Connects will use the tag descriptions from the SCADA database as the default text for the tag sound.

Premium Voice – This feature offers professional sounding voices as an alternative to the Microsoft choices. Voices are available in male and female selections. The standard accent is US English. International voices such as UK English, French, and Italian are available as special order.

Dialogic Telephony Cards – WIN-911 continues to support the world’s leader in computer telephony for applications requiring robust communications and multiple incoming lines.

Voice Capable (TAPI) Modems – Lower cost solutions for single line voice connections. These devices are typically “Plug & Play” and greatly reduce installation hassles.

Paging & Email Notification – Support for Email using SMTP service or Alphanumeric Pagers using TAP protocol are also supported.

WIN-911 has direct connectivity to Wonderware InTouch and System Platform along with several other HMI platforms and can also support OPC and DDE for connectivity to other open systems.

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