Powerful, flexible, and easy to use – Dream Report is quickly being adopted by end users and OEMS alike as a simple and easy way to generate amazing reports.

Creating reports from our industrial and manufacturing information systems is often the job of someone versed in SQL programming skills with specialized knowledge of Reporting Services and database design. There is no question that very comprehensive drill through reports can be created by those with that skillset and in many cases, Reporting Services is the appropriate solution for the job. But wouldn’t it be nice to simply point and click your way to a needed report quickly and easily using menu driven wizards – without having to enlist people with special programming skillsets?

Wonderware Dream Report does just that. Dream Report is an easy to use, point and click solutions that enables the design, scheduling and production of appealing and informative dynamic reports, all without requiring special IT or programming skills. Configuring reports is simple with drag-and-drop configuration within the Report Studio. The design Studio also gives customers ease-of-use features such as intelligent report objects and friendly dialog boxes.

Dream Report 4.5 allows users to create reports leveraging Wonderware data sources like InTouch (including LGH files), Wonderware Historian (leveraging all retrieval modes), other databases and other vendors’ HMIs. Reports can include Text, Data Tables, Pie Charts, Bar Charts, and XY Plot Charts. Additionally, a web portal to distribute the reports over the Internet/intranet is also available.

Dream Report 4.5

Dream Report for Wonderware includes seamless direct connectivity set to Wonderware products like Historian (all retrieval modes); InTouch (local or remote, using SuiteLink); InTouch LGH files (direct access and reporting) and WWALMDB (including alarm properties). There are new engineering tools (Quick Project Generation Wizard; Virtual Report Instances; Integrated ready-to-use templates for Industrial, Batch, Water, EPA reports) and interactive web reports (integrated filter objects in reports, drill-down capability and advances in manual data input and management).
Dream Report 4.5

  • Simple point and click report creation and distribution
  • Seamless Connectivity to all Wonderware Data Sources (as well as non-Wonderware sources)
  • Built-in web portal that easily integrates into Wonderware Information Server
  • Amazing reports without needing to have SQL programming skills

Dream Report helps significantly reduce report development time, simplifies report modifications, and empowers customers to transform raw data into great looking, information-filled reports. Custom reports can be created easily, quickly and inexpensively, with scheduling tools to help deliver reports to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

If you are interested in learning more about Dream Report 4.5, e-mail us at sales@wonderwarenorth.com. We’d be happy to answer all of your questions.

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