For customers that need to create and distribute reports with data from against a variety of industrial, process and business data sources, Wonderware Dream Report enables the design, scheduling and generation of appealing and informative dynamic reports, all without requiring special IT or programming skills. Configuring reports is simple with drag-and-drop configuration within the Report Studio. The Design Studio also gives customers ease-of-use features such as intelligent report objects and friendly dialog boxes.

Wonderware Dream ReportBuilt on modern technologies, Dream Report enables easy connectivity to automation systems and equipment (e.g. in buildings, factories, etc.), through over 70 different data interface drivers to both open and proprietary protocols, including an extensive set of Wonderware-specific drivers – InTouch real-time and historical log (lgh) files, Wonderware Historian, Application Server, SuiteLink, IntelaTrac, and Alarm loggers databases. Dream Report delivers the ability to select and organize your different data sources, down to the Tag level. In a world where you are drowning in data, with potentially tens of thousands of Tags in your various sources, it make sense to be able to group them, organize them and use them effectively for reporting and analytics. And an extensive set of built-in statistical functions – Min, Max, Avg, Time of Time, Time of Max, Running Time, Down Time, Availability, Integral (Totalizer), Duration in the Interval, and many more (over 40, in total!) – Dream Report enables you to quickly make sense of your data, and make well-informed decisions, simply by presenting your raw process and production data in a meaningful context.

With rich graphical output to PDF and web reports, reports can include Formatted Text (with custom visualization, based on different conditions), Data Tables, Charts, Graphical “Widgets” and Indicators. Data in reports can also be automatically saved into Excel spreadsheets or CSV files. The Dream Report Web Portal, which distributes the reports over the internet/intranet, is also available. The web portal not only allows users to review reports, but also generate reports on-demand, perform ad-hoc analysis, drill-down into related reports, and hyperlink to “raw data views” on a reporting object. Dream Report includes a special web portal, built for mobile devices, to enable all web functionality, including manual data management on any mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile).

Additionally, purpose-built reporting modules such as Statistical Process Control, Life Sciences and Setpoint Analysis provide ready-to-go functionality for reporting in a specific context (Quality/SPC, MES, etc.) and vertical markets (Pharma/BioTech, Heat-Treatment, etc.)

Many engineering tools, such as a Quick Project Generation Wizard; Virtual Report Instances; Integrated ready-to-use templates for Industrial, Batch, Water, EPA reports; and interactive web reports bring report development, management, distribution and end-user experience to an unparalleled level!

Wonderware Dream Report

  • Reduce time & effort to create, distribute & revise reports
  • Quickly and easily transform your InTouch or Historian data into great looking, information-filled reports
  • Ease of use, drag & drop UI, no IT or programming skills
  • Make reports available easily and securely to any authorized person with the built-in Web portal
  • Tight integration to InTouch, with access to LGH file data
  • Direct and seamless connectivity to Wonderware Historian – exposing Historian’s data retrieval modes, data views, quality rules, and hierarchical tag namespace
  • Dream Report web portal enables users to easily create interactive web reporting application and if needed, easily integrate it into Wonderware Information Server

 Wonderware Dream Report 4.5

Dream Report helps significantly reduce report development time, simplifies report modifications, and empowers customers to transform raw data into great looking, information-filled reports. Custom reports can be created easily, quickly and inexpensively, with scheduling tools to help deliver reports to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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