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The Wonderware North Expo & Technical Conference series finished strong in Chicago after visits to Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston and we want to thank all of you for your participation. Over 600 customers and partners gathered over four cities to see the latest industrial technologies and to be a part of the System Platform and InTouch 2017 Launch.

System Platform 2017

System Platform 2017 and InTouch 2017 have again set the bar for the future of industrial software. With over five years of design and development in this single release and with the introduction of a brand new type of plant floor interface in InTouch OMI, event attendees witnessed this game changing technology that makes the digital transformation of industrial environments an achievable reality.

Did you leave the event wanting to learn more? Did you miss out on the event experience? We’re happy to provide further details or assistance on any of the key expo topics such as:

· System Platform 2017 – InTouch 2017 – InTouch OMI
· InTouch Machine Edition for dedicated HMI, SCADA Applications and IIOT initiatives
· Wonderware Online and OI Servers as the foundation for IIoT
· Longwatch Video and specialized Industrial Cameras seamlessly within your SCADA and MES systems
· Schneider Electric Utility and Power Management within the world of SCADA
· Prometheus as a single programing environment for ANY PLC
· Dream Report, InSight, and SmartGlance for the Latest Reporting Solutions
· Infrastructure technologies for thin clients and Virtualization
· Improving Operations, Quality and Asset Performance with Wonderware MES
· and more!

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