Wonderware Quality Software provides product quality management in the context of your overall manufacturing process.

Wonderware Quality Software expands the existing Operations and Performance management capabilities of Wonderware’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Software by adding detailed operational quality management capabilities. These capabilities allow management of quality specifications, dynamic generation of sample plans and automatic sample plan execution for scheduled work orders. Additionally, Quality Software provides SPC monitoring of sampled quality data in near real-time, enabling closed loop quality control through operator intervention, and reduces the response time for corrective and preventive actions.

Wonderware Quality Software

As with all Wonderware advanced applications, Wonderware Quality Software is built on ArchestrA System Platform which provides the infrastructure for integration and quality data collection from automated equipment, HMI integration and for deployment of quality reports. The Quality data sampling capabilities can be deployed with or without Operations or Performance but offer an added value when deployed with the Operations management capabilities of Wonderware MES Software.

Wonderware Quality offers operational quality data sample plan management and quality data collection in context with electronic work order tracking and operational procedure enforcement, ensuring that the right quality data sampling plan is applied according to the scheduled work order, specifying the products to produce, equipment to use and operations to run. With Wonderware Quality software, customers can replace paper based sample plans and increases accuracy of quality sample data by automatic or enforced/guided sample plan execution.

Wonderware Quality Software:

  • Provides real-time Quality operations management capabilities in work order execution context
  • Is Built on ArchestrA system platform for real time MES execution, controls and Wonderware portfolio integration
  • Is integrated with Wonderware products for enhanced capabilities (SP, Workflow, Intelligence)
  • Provides the ability to create company standards around quality management
  • Creates more efficient shop floor operations by unifying Manufacturing and Quality operations
  • Provides more accurate quality data through automated specification and sample plan management
  • Drives Increased quality and reduced losses by near real-time quality information and notification to operators
  • Reduces cost of Quality by automation of Quality test execution and electronic data exchange with to Enterprise Quality Management systems

As part of Wonderware MES, Wonderware Quality secures compliance to quality specifications by combining work order status and progress tracking with dynamic sample plan management and execution. Operators can be sure that the right quality specification was applied when monitoring quality sample data in statistical process control (SPC) charts and trends. Additionally, Wonderware Quality reduces the cost of operational quality management, and fulfillment of regulatory and safety compliance requirements (such as food safety regulations) by capturing complete electronic records of product, equipment and work order execution-related quality data.Wonderware Quality Software

All Industries with highly or partly automated manufacturing processes and the need for operational quality sample management, sample plan execution, data collection and SPC visualization can benefit from the new Wonderware Quality Module. We invite you to contact our sales staff to learn more about Wonderware Quality Software.

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