Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus

Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is a web based software application for recipe formula management and product changeover. Designed for use on automated production equipment and machines in manufacturing, it has rich formula management functionality, deep governance (role-based security, automatic formula versioning, approval and change propagation) offering fast time to value and compliance to growing regulatory requirements.

Recipe Manager Plus is HMI and control system independent and can connect to all automation systems, providing a secure web interface to embed within an existing HMI. All user interface functionality is securely provided through web pages in a browser on workstations, HMI Panels or mobile devices by leveraging latest web standards. The IT and security friendly web application is quickly deployed, eliminating any client application installation and maintenance needs, minimizing ownership and lifecycle costs.

Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus is designed for standardization of operational recipe management across your business, and to simplify the process to take new product recipes to market. This new and unique approach to recipe management reduces the number of recipe systems and formats, increases operational efficiency and establishes governance to secure consistent quality of your products.

Features of Recipe Manager Plus:

  • Control and automation system-independent
  • Fully web-based with a ready to use user interface for all formula management and download tasks
  • A collaborative multi-user configuration and central data management environment
  • Built with role-based security, formula approval, automatic formula versioning and change history
  • Usable as a stand-alone application that can connect to your existing SCADA environment via OPC UA connectivity or it can be integrated seamlessly with Wonderware System Platform.

Please contact our sales staff to learn more about Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus.

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